Monthly graphic magazine ad series for THANK Food project, my final project at Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo.

The art direction is ‘Looks Ugly. Tastes Beautiful.’ We originally made artistic-delicious dishes from ugly vegetables which are usually discarded out of markets.

(head line) Fresh salad made from discarded-ugly asparagus, with cherry salt
(tagline) Discarded vegetables, to your table.

(head line) Sweet marinade made from discarded-ugly carrot, with cold soup
(tagline) Discarded vegetables, to your table.

Flower Artist: Hiroki Maeno
Executive Creative Director: Jon King
Creative Director & Concept: Shunsuke Kakinami
Art Director & Designer: Ryuko Noda
Copywriter: Seiya Matsumoto
Copywriter & Experience Designer: Mai Kaneda
Account Director & Producer: Gaku Saito
Photographer: Kazunori Igarashi
Media Producer: Junko Ide