Celgene is a pharmaceutical company to help all patients live a better life. As a new disease awareness communication, it adopted quite a new way to evoke the public interests while transforming the thoughts of patients themselves.


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects more than 125,000,000 people globally. Due to its obvious and very unattractive nature, patients gradually lose close themselves off from any sort of social life.

“True Portrait” is a PR art exhibition held on October 29th 2017, World Psoriasis Day. It featured portraits painted with the words of patients’ friends and colleagues answering one simple question: “How do you see the person(patient)?”
None of the voices, whether good or bad, spoke about the person’s skin but instead about their value as a human being.
A tiny advance to transform how patients see themselves for a better future, by proving “true” portraits telling “This is you really are.”

It contributed to significant social media buzz and interest in psoriasis as shown by a 250% increase in social media posts on the subject compared to last year.



Client : Celgene
Category : PR (Disease Awareness Communication)
Role : Group Creative Director, Copywriter, Planner