D&AD Impact

The washable book has been chosen shortlist in this D&AD Impact.

D&AD is the most difficult award on the globe where even winning works of Cannes Lions struggle to be recognized as shortlist every year.

This shortlist is very meaningful as a Creative Healthcare Agency, not a Healthcare Agency.  Am so proud of all folks who made efforts for this achievement.

D&AD 2019 Shortlist Works >>



SPIKES ASIA and Tangrams

Two works were shortlisted for this Spikes and Tangrams in Singapore last week.


The New Chapter:
Spikes Asia Shortlist (Pharma / Healthcare Professionals)



Washable Book:
Tangrams Awards Shortlist (Effectiveness / Small Budget Marketing Campaign)



Both works couldn’t reach trophies, which has made us a bit disappointed.

However, I love and am proud of the great teams.

3 Golds in AME

Washable Book made it.
It won 3 Golds and 1 Bronze this AME Awards, and 2 Finalists this Effie APAC.
It’s very meaningful as I believe the creative effectiveness is the most important element for our industry.

In total the work won 35 trophies/Finalists.

Proud of the team.
And really appreciate best clients.

Results in 2018

Washable Book won many achievements for our creative growth in 2018 although it failed to win Cannes Lions. The work achieved 11 trophies and 18 finalists as of the end of 2018.

This January the work was also chosen as the most creative work of all works for McCANN WORLD GROUP JAPAN 2018. Really appreciate the team, especially the client who believed in and pushed forward this idea.




Washable Book won GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018, one of the most authentic and long-lasting design award in Japan.

The work was highly evaluated in terms of social design, the experience design to change people’s behavior as well as build awareness and interest among the public.


DELICIOUS SUPPLEMENT won 1 crystals and 2 finalists of this AD STARS, out of 21,530 entries.

– Crystal for Direct (Product & Service / Foods)
– Finalist for Diverse Insights
– Finalist for Integrated

Proud of the great team.

Silver at FAB

DELICIOUS SUPPLEMENT won silver in the category of sales promotion at this FAB Awards (International Food & Beverage Excellence Awards).

Delicious Supplement

This Cannes will start soon.