Transforming trains thru geofencing



Introducing JR’s ‘TRAIN’ing app to transform trains from a space of travel into the place for growth, 20 months after its concept building. Pls enjoy it on Yamanote Lines and let me represent my biggest respects to all fellows who have made efforts together.

This app will make difference.

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3 Golds in AME

Washable Book made it.
It won 3 Golds and 1 Bronze this AME Awards, and 2 Finalists this Effie APAC.
It’s very meaningful as I believe the creative effectiveness is the most important element for our industry.

In total the work won 35 trophies/Finalists.

Proud of the team.
And really appreciate best clients.

Washable Book

Client : ANGFA
Category : Book Development & PR
Role: Group Creative Director, Planner

According to UNICEF, 6000 children die every day in developing countries from infectious diseases – often transmitted through dirty hands.

This Inspired ANGFA, a Japanese health and hygiene company to take the Japanese sales of their germicidal soap and ‘gift’ the same amount to the children of Cambodia – where handwashing is not a part of the culture.

But soap wasn’t enough – they needed to educate the children that soap doesn’t just clean their hands – it can also protect their futures.

The Washable Book is a low-tech innovation that transforms reading into a physical activity to inspire behavioral change.

The book’s characters reach their colorful futures only by having their dirty hands physically washed on the pages. The repeated action helps the children make the connection between handwashing and reaching  their future goals.

Over 1.5 billion media impressions in 3 weeks resulted in 18 times more bars of soap being gifted than projected. ANGFA is now in negotiation to bring the book to other developing countries. But most importantly, the Washable Book is changing children’s futures, by changing their behavior.

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True Portrait

Celgene is a pharmaceutical company to help all patients live a better life. As a new disease awareness communication, it adopted quite a new way to evoke the public interests while transforming the thoughts of patients themselves.


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects more than 125,000,000 people globally. Due to its obvious and very unattractive nature, patients gradually lose close themselves off from any sort of social life.

“True Portrait” is a PR art exhibition held on October 29th 2017, World Psoriasis Day. It featured portraits painted with the words of patients’ friends and colleagues answering one simple question: “How do you see the person(patient)?”
None of the voices, whether good or bad, spoke about the person’s skin but instead about their value as a human being.
A tiny advance to transform how patients see themselves for a better future, by proving “true” portraits telling “This is you really are.”

It contributed to significant social media buzz and interest in psoriasis as shown by a 250% increase in social media posts on the subject compared to last year.



Client : Celgene
Category : PR (Disease Awareness Communication)
Role : Group Creative Director, Copywriter, Planner

THANK Food graphic ads

Monthly graphic magazine ad series for THANK Food project, my final project at Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo.

The art direction is ‘Looks Ugly. Tastes Beautiful.’ We originally made artistic-delicious dishes from ugly vegetables which are usually discarded out of markets.

(head line) Fresh salad made from discarded-ugly asparagus, with cherry salt
(tagline) Discarded vegetables, to your table.

(head line) Sweet marinade made from discarded-ugly carrot, with cold soup
(tagline) Discarded vegetables, to your table.

Flower Artist: Hiroki Maeno
Executive Creative Director: Jon King
Creative Director & Concept: Shunsuke Kakinami
Art Director & Designer: Ryuko Noda
Copywriter: Seiya Matsumoto
Copywriter & Experience Designer: Mai Kaneda
Account Director & Producer: Gaku Saito
Photographer: Kazunori Igarashi
Media Producer: Junko Ide


It doesn’t matter how it looks. It matters what it is.

New project, THANK Food project, to improve food-loss problems by regaining our respects for foods. The concept is ‘The Beauty of Ugliness’.

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