Client : Eli Lilly
Category : Animation Film
Role : Executive Creative Director, Conceptor, Copywriter
Award : the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards(Winner)

Lung cancer interferes with a quiet life unexpectedly. From the moment of diagnosis, the patient shuts her heart and cries with a feeling of despair. However, her doctor, care team, family and Lilly are with her. And the strong passionate ties among them help the patient to regain strength relieving herself from isolation of lung cancer.

This animation is an anthem for lung cancer patients. The story is unfolded with the lyrics of the famous song called “RURIIRO NO CHIKYU (True Colored Earth)” whose lyrics has been empathized by Japanese people for a long time.
The theme of this well-recognized song is “Resolution for hope”. We transformed it into a common thread among doctors and Lilly for lung cancer patients.
The zinnia flower, which holds a meaning of “bonds” in the Japanese floral language, appears in all scenes as Lilly’s passion for patients.

The Anthem, sharing the passion for patients with doctors to support the 24 hours of the patients as one team.

*This animation cannot be published as its usage is limited only for healthcare professionalsスクリーンショット 2019-05-17 0.08.30.png

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(*Translations for the lyrics)
You reminded yourself quietly that there is no night without dawning.
In darkness, you stood by the beacon with looking at deepest water.

Through the pain and the sorrow, you have almost lost heart.
But, you were not alone. You live here, strong.

The sun rises over the horizon,
shining a light on the day you live.

To stand up for your today.
To stand up for your tomorrows.

The sun rises again and brings you a new day.
Following the light of hope together.

You live today and tomorrows.
To the fullest.

We are singing the same song toward patients