Client : Actelion
Category : Animation Film
Role : Executive Creative Director
Awards : Epic(Shortlist), the creative floor(Winner, Shortlist), Spikes Asia(Short list), New York Festivals Global Awards(3 Shortlists), Fierce Pharma(Shortlist)

*The film is allowed to appear in limited places like doctors seminars

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare disease of unknown causes, characterized by high blood pressure in the lungs. It is known to be a fatal and incurable disease, with 4 in 10 patients dying within 7 years. Diagnosis was literally a death sentence, stripping away hope from patients to continue their life story, and physicians were powerless in the face of the disease.

Now, Actelion has innovated treatment with Opsumit. This is one and only approved drug which has been proven long-term efficacy for PAH. Opsumit is the hope for the future for patients and physicians who once had no choice but to give in to the disease.

This animation illustrates a patient reclaiming her life and her story, which she once lost to PAH, back with the help of her physician and the new treatment option ‘Opsumit’.And it adopts a flip-book animation style to emphasize the patient’s deep emotions as she flips over her life story in her album and the sentiments she feels as she reflects over each moment, finally to convey the possibilities Opsumit can offer and the hope which Actelion endeavors to deliver to patients.

This animation expresses the mission of such doctors; their drive to empower patients with hope to overcome hardships and providing support that allow patients to live a life that can triumph over PAH with their new treatment option ‘Opsumit’.

Actelion, changing life stories.