Client : East Japan Railways
Category : Smartphone app
Role: Executive Creative Director, Creative Director, Conceptor

Self-improvement for body and mind is a natural desire many people have regardless of age. However, working life in Japan can be too hectic for this. Furthermore office workers spend an average of nearly 2 hours on everyday commuting in trains. No wonder they are all too fatigued to pursue their drive for growth.

‘TRAIN’ing is a smartphone app to change the value of the time spent on trains into a time that enables passengers to become healthier and stronger. Utilizing the iBeacon geo-fencing technology, the app provides optimal coaching instructions by calculating information about each passenger’s interest, destination, current location of the train, position in the train and the congestion of carriage. Each personalized instruction is compiled out of 87 workout/mindfulness exercises all of which have been developed by professional trainers.

Personal growth, anywhere anytime in the train.